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Kenzai Kickstart


*** The world's most comprehensive training and nutrition plan is now available on the app store! Kenzai users, find all your essential information in one place, lessons, workouts, and diet at the tip of your fingers! New users, take on the Kickstart challenge, a two week burst of training that prepares you for future training adventures! ***HOW IT WORKS
As a Kenzai trainee, you want a few key things at your fingertips throughout the day. The Kenzai app delivers you the daily workout, lesson, and diet with ease.
Our brand new Active Workout system makes your training more fun and effective than ever. Just tap the Action button and follow the directions. The app will count your sets, run your rest times, and give you timers for held exercises like the Plank. Now you've got your workout, stopwatch, and music all in one place!
Interested in Kenzai but not quite ready for a full program? Try Kenzai Kickstart!
This program is designed to get you off the couch and exercising while educating you on healthier diet and lifestyle changes that get fast results. Enjoy life-changing daily lessons and equipment-free workouts.
Once you’ve rocked the Kenzai Kickstart 14-Day Challenge, you can continue on with a free Kenzai membership, with free workouts throughout the week.
If you want to step up the pace, you can also register for the Kenzai Body 90-day program, transforming the lives of thousands around the world. Find your true potential with a dedicated team of trainers, nutritionists, and a community of peers focused on achieving similar health and fitness goals. Programs start every month and Kickstart gives you the fundamentals to have an amazing 90 days.
Check us out at to learn more about Kenzai Kickstart and other Kenzai programs, watch our trainer introductions, and learn more about the Kenzai way.
Email us at and our friendly Community Management team is here to help 24/7. We believe in you!